2115 4 ST SW Calgary

Special Events

Saturday, September 16

  • 10AM – 5PM: Artist in attendance
  • 10AM – 5PM: Coffee and cookies
  • 10AM – 5PM: Special interactive art project created by Geoff MacKay and continuing the theme of community and connectedness
  • 1 – 3PM: Fiasco Gelato vespa with free gelato

The Exhibition

The idea of everything being connected has always intrigued Geoff MacKay. “When you start looking for them, it’s easy to find connections that tie together all aspects of life. The goal with my work is to explore these connections,” he says. As a result, he’s drawn to subjects that represent the interaction that occurs from movement like a flock of sparrows, a bustling plaza, or a quiet street by nightfall. These motifs portray the world as a whole instead of fixating on the individual, which welcomes an exploration of the synergy within a moment. “I strive to portray the uniting theme of community and life through these moments. If successful, my work conveys emotion and supports an empathetic response to that instance.” From city streets to the sky, Birds to Bikes brings forth the connections inherent in the existence within shared space.