200, 321 50 AVE SE

Special Notice

10 am – 5 pm

12 am – 4 pm

Maximum Capacity: 50

Hand sanitizer available at the door. Masks are mandatory and we ask all visitors to socially distance while in the gallery.


Saturday, Sept 18: 1 pm to 4pm

Join us for the Artist Reception for JULYA HAJNOCZKY : Refugium 2pm – Julya and Christine will be chatting about her biophilia, her art inspired road trips during the pandemic and why she is a terrible person to hike with. Light refreshments will be served.

Sunday, Sept 19: 12pm – 2 pm

We will be hosting a casual Meet & Greet with local artist Julya Hajnoczky on Saturday September 19. Pop in to view this must-see show in person and meet the innovative biophile who created it. Light refreshments will be served.

The Exhibition

Julya Hajnoczky, Pinus contorta, ed. of 15, archival pigment print, available sizes – 36 x 27 in. / 54 x 45 in.
Julya Hajnoczky, Cladonia chlorophaea, ed. of 15, archival pigment print, available sizes – 30 x 36 in. / 45 x 54 in.

CKG is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new photography by Calgary-based Julya Hajnoczky. This body of work was first exhibited in Julya’s spring show at The Whyte Museum, but due to public gallery closures with Covid, was largely unseen. We look forward to introducing you to this must-see body of work that is not only magical but equally a thought-provoking look at the natural world that surrounds us. “With the constant drumbeat of climate crises going on in the background, it seems that change for the better may be out of reach. We have forgotten that our relationship with nature must be equitable, reciprocal. In attempting to investigate the world with scientific detachment, we ignore how this endeavour is limited by our human perspective. In creating these images I hope to direct the viewer’s deep attention and affection towards the details and intricacies of natural ecosystems, but also to provoke questions about our species’ seemingly insatiable drive to take, to possess, to bend the natural world into human form.”