907 9 Ave SE Calgary

Special Events

Saturday: Artist Demo – Anne McGilvary
Hours: 11 am – 4 pm

Saturday: Artist Demo – George Gordon
Hours: 11 am – 4 pm

Saturday: Artist Demo – Alison Philpotts
Hours: 11 am – 4 pm

Sunday: Artist Demo – Louise Olinger
Hours: 12 noon – 4 pm

Saturday Hours 10- 5
Sunday Hours 12-5

The Exhibition

Galleria Inglewood

Galleria represents local and Canadian artists and potters.

We will be hosting the following artists throughout the weekend.
Anne McGilvary – acrylics / George Gordon – watercolours / Alsion Philpotts – acrylics / Louise Olinger – watercolours

Event Details

Artist Demo – Anne McGilvary
Date 09/21/2019
Event Hours 11 – 4

Anne McGilvary is a landscape artist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She works in both acrylics and oils. She works at developing thumbnail sketches and value studies before she begins her paintings. Anne also finds it helpful to keep a journal of her sketches and thoughts as she plans her pieces. Come and watch Anne working on her newest creation.

Artist Demo – George Gordon
Date 09-21-2019
Event Hours 11 – 4

George Gordon says “I do tend to paint street scenes at home in Calgary and the many cities I visit. I enjoy capturing moments I time in a simple direct manner and am attracted to a wide variety of subjects as the mood takes me.” George will be working in watercolours, on his newest Calgary scene.

Artist Demo – Louise Olinger
Date 09-22-2019
Event Hours 12- 4

Louise Olinger’s appreciation of the wildness and raw beauty of nature began in childhood when she was first captivated by the allure of the mountains. Louise moved to the mountains in the mid-90’s and is thrilled that she is living her dream: combining her love of the outdoors and painting the very landscape she so passionately enjoys. Louise will be working on her newest rendition of the scenic Rockies.

Artist Demo – Alison Philpotts
Date 09-21-2019
Event Hours 11 – 4

Alison Philpotts – I am an expressionistic painter, specializing in landscapes. When I paint, it’s like a deep meditation for me, where I shut my brain down, and open my heart. I paint emotively, and in short bursts, building layer after layer. Use of color is important to me, as I want to feel joy and pleasure when sitting back and viewing my work.