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Special Events

  • The Artist’s Mirror: Self Portraits
  • Picturing the Northwest: Historical Art from Glenbow’s Collection
  • Power in Pictures: The Outside Circle and the Impact of the Graphic Novel

The Exhibition

James Hill, Self-Portrait as a Snail, 1979, Library and Archives Canada – from the exhibition, The Artist’s Mirror: Self Portraits).

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The Artist’s Mirror: Self Portraits
In partnership with Library and Archives Canada
In this exhibition, featuring self-portraits from the collections of Library and Archives Canada and Glenbow, the legacy of the artist’s mirror lives on. Here artists are looking deeply at themselves, a practice reflected across a wide variety of media, artistic styles and time periods. From biographical self- expression to political commentary, the motivation behind creating a self-portrait is as diverse as the artists themselves.

Recent Acquisitions 2017
Glenbow’s goal is to collect and share stories that matter to our community. The Recent Acquisitions exhibitions offer an opportunity to show how Glenbow’s collection is growing and evolving. Each of these objects or artworks holds a story (maybe even a few). They can also inspire new stories, gaining life and purpose from those who come to visit them.

Picturing the Northwest: Historical Art from Glenbow’s Collection
From art works that reflect Calgary’s unique vantage point as a gateway to the Rocky Mountain parks, to paintings that depict age of exploration in North America and the vast grassy plains inhabited by buffalo before the transformation of southern Alberta in the early 1900s by agriculture and industry. This unique collection of masterpieces of western North American art highlight the landscape and the social history of our region.

Power in Pictures: The Outside Circle and the Impact of the Graphic Novel
The Power in Pictures exhibition is the culmination of a series of workshops hosted at Glenbow that connected young people from USAY (Urban Society of Aboriginal Youth) with artist Kelly Mellings, illustrator of the graphic novel The Outside Circle by Patti Laboucane-Benson. Participants were encouraged to tap into their own creativity to create comics and masks that drew on their own experiences to tell a story. A shared and collaborative space, the gallery features the art created by the USAY participants hung alongside that of the artist who taught them, creating a space where complex feelings and experiences are explored through art.

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