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Ulrich Panzer : Frequencies

Ulrich Panzer’s circular paintings reflect over twenty years of research and experimentation into colour theory and the phenomenon known as synesthesia. Commonly understood as a co-mingling of the senses, synesthesia is a neurological condition where the stimulation of one sense causes an involuntary reaction of another. For example, hearing sound while seeing colour.

“From the time of an intensive graduate research project [in 1994] … “
Colour, Sound and Architecture in Asian Cultures” to his year-long residency in a studio 11,000 feet above sea level in Tibet, Panzer has diligently pursued the complex interactions between colour, sound and space.” – Gary Michael Dault, 2017
His latest circular paintings (2014–2018) are inspired by the synesthetic perception of sound and musical chords. Ranging in size from 41 to 60 inches in diameter, they are impressive in scale and presence, each one radiating unique light and colour frequencies. A formidable force to behold in person, one must surrender to the painting’s ebb and flow in order to fully experience their power.

Ulrich Panzer was born in Bonn/Beuel, Germany, in 1965. He currently divides his time between Kingston, Ontario and Berlin, Germany. Since studying fine arts at the Kunstakademie Münster in Germany (1987–1991), his research into the physiological and physical effects of colour, sound, and architectural proportions has led him all over the world, including: India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Tibet, Austria, Italy, and North Africa. His wide-ranging artistic practice spans over 25 years and includes an international exhibition record.

Image: Ulrich Panzer, untitled (14-41-5), acrylic & ink on mylar, mounted on aluminum, 41 in. diameter