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 208, 1721 29 AVE SW Calgary

Special Events

  • Natalie & Kalika Artist Talk | September 29, 1 – 2pm | cSPACE Treehouse
  • Exhibition Reception | September 29, 2 – 4pm | Alberta Craft Gallery – Calgary
  • Interactive ACC Member Demonstrations | September 28 – 29, 11am – 5pm

Please note only open Saturday.

The Exhibition

Calgary, AB – The Alberta Craft Gallery – Calgary welcomes members and guests to Set the Table , a collaboration between ceramicist Kalika Bowlby and contemporary textile designer Natalie Gerber. When we set the table and prepare a meal for ourselves or others it is an act of nourishment and has the potential to nourish us on many levels-physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. A meal can be an art, a meditation, a celebration.
The exhibition Set the Table features handcrafted ceramic tableware by Kalika Bowlbyand screen-printed table linens by Natalie Gerber celebrating the act of setting the table and enjoying a meal. The exhibition will include both formal and casual table settings as well as larger serving dishes. The combination of their work creates modern tablescapes that remind us to set the table and take the time to celebrate the simple, beautiful moments of every day.
Kalika Bowlby is a ceramic artist based in Golden, BC focused on simplicity and functionality. “I love seeing people connect around a table or over a cup of coffee. I love food- growing it, preparing it, sharing it.”
Natalie Gerber is a Calgary based textile artist exploring screen printed pattern. “As an artist, designer and maker I am inspired to create functional design for everyday living. While craftsmanship is important to my creative process, so too is function. I combine my love for illustration, surface design, clean lines and hand-printed fabrics with conscious material choices and in-studio practices.”
Exhibition Dates: August 25 – November 3, 2018
Location: Alberta Craft Gallery – Calgary
cSPACE King Edward, 1721 – 29 Avenue SW, #208